Goedzoekers is a company specialised in scouting locations for feature films, T.V.-series, commercials and photography. Goedzoekers is a collaboration between locationscouts Paul Marbus, René de la Rambelje, Walter Kloos and Tjarco van Wijck. .

Goedzoekers is organised as a professional partnership that can be hired collectively for productions, though clients are free to hire an individual scout. The advantage of such a collective is the harnessing of specific know-how from the individual scouts to more quickly and efficiently find suitable production locations.

Over the years since 2001, Goedzoekers has built up extensive expertise. Locations range from an interior for a period piece to modern architecture; from an old smithy to a huge factory; from heath land – with a clean horizon line – to a bustling business district.

Goedzoekers’ locations are ‘custom-made’; therefore collections are not pictured on this site. However, Goedzoekers does have comprehensive archives. If a location from these archives is used, it has been specifically chosen to meet a client’s needs. The archives can also be used for showing examples in talks with directors, production designers and producers to determine a desired visual style and atmosphere.


Nicolaes Maesstraat 2 unit 112

1506 LB Zaandam

E: info@goedzoekers.nl

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